Fucking Venice All Knight On The Ladies Room Floor

Fucking Venice All Knight On The Ladies Room Floor

We've all had this fantasy: fucking our date in the ladies room of a classy restaurant. But have you ever dared to have it about a woman as sexy as Venice Knight, a 50-year-old newcomer from San Francisco, California? And in that fantasy, did you get her on the restroom floor and bang her experienced, shaved pussy as hard as you could? Venice says that she's had "too many kinky sexual encounters to mention," and, yeah, she's had this one, too. Why? Because she's a beautiful woman, and she can do whatever she wants to do.

"What is the worst thing a man can say to a woman?" we asked her.

"No!" Venice replied.

We bet she's never heard it.

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Featuring: Venice Knight and J Mac
Date: March 3rd, 2010
Duration: 47

Member Comments

9 years ago 
Good point DaveR. So if there are only a couple, it should be easier to make happen. I am not advocating that there be pron stars every month, but one or two a year wouldn't be too much, I think. And I would think that SCORE would be able to make it happen. Maybe Patty Plenty this month, then Kimberly Kupps in the summer or fall doesn't seem… like overkill. Next year there will be more stars that are a year closer to 50, so you can take a look at the field then. If you add in the other pro/semi-pro models I mentioned, you could have a much greater variety and try to please more people. I am not advocating having no amateur models, just that you be a bit more selective, and not feel like you must put on amateurs at the expense of better known models. So maybe 2 updates a month of Lola Lee and Jewel (for example) and 2 of amateurs, with a porn star thrown in every 3 or 4 months would seem a better plan to me. If there is a month when you have more than two outstanding amateurs, then by all means show them. But if there is a month when you don't have two, then don't put up an average or less than average model when you could put up a much better looking experienced model. That is all I am saying.
9 years ago 
NagyEmber65: By the way, other than Patty Plenty and Kimberly Kupps, there are not a lot of famous porn stars who are in their 50s now. Take a look at a list of porn stars from the 1980s and 1990s. Almost all of them (especially the ones still shooting) are still in their 40s. It's a very small pool of models to choose from.
9 years ago 
Good news about Lola and Jewel. As for your interpretation of the numbers, I think you are mistaken. 16% want as many porn stars as possible, and 36% want more than you are giving now, which equals 52% who are not satisfied with the current product. In addition, I don't think you can read the 36% of the "don't care as long as the women are hot"… as being fine with the present format. I actually classify myself as being in that category, and I am not satisfied with the present format. When I read that question, my response is I want the hottest models you can find, including porn stars, experienced models and amatuers. You are only giving us amateurs at the moment, which means you are excluding a lot of hot 50 plus women from being on the site. If you are trying to tell me that Charlie, Venice and Raven, just to name a few, are so far above some of the women I mentioned that there is no difference in quality, I would have to disagree strongly. Maybe next week we can have another posting of Venice! That would certainly be better than seeing Patty Plenty or Kimberly Kupps doing anal with Lucas or another stud, wouldn't it?
9 years ago 
First, I would take issue with your numbers. At least 48% (12% only MILFs next door, 36% don't care as long as the women are hot) are fine with the present format, and another 36% lean towards MILFs next door.

Second, Lola Lee and Jewel: Soon.
9 years ago 
Eh. Now that we have finally had the survey, and it turns out that only about 12% of the members are happy with the present milf starsearch format, can we PLEASE get some more balance with the models. "Sandra Ann" was great, this one not so much, we don't need 5 updates of Charlie in the space of a month or Rita every other week when there are… dozens of hot 50+ ladies out there who could be on here. Can you give us some idea of when we can see some more decent models, and who will be the first model? Some suggestions (once again) Patty Plenty, Kimberly Kupps, Kitten Natividad for the porn stars, and Lola Lee, Jewel, Rose Marie, Anneke, Diane Diamonds, Dana Hayes, and about 10 more for the pro/semi-pro models. Of course if you can get Georgette to do an anal scene, I wouldn't mind seeing that ASAP. I know "Sandra Ann" doesn't do anal, so that is not an option, but a gang bang would be possible I think. Just trying to be helpful.

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