Sindy loves getting ass-fucked!

Sindy loves getting ass-fucked!

Looking super-sexy in a purple corset, stockings and a garter-the kind of outfit a mature woman is wise enough to wear because she knows how to get her man excited-52-year-old divorcee Sindy Silver returns to TO GET HER ASS FUCKED!

Sorry about those capital letters. Sindy got us excited.

But before Sindy gets ass-fucked, she's going to go deep on her man's cock. And then she's going to get on all fours so he can fuck her from behind. And then, and only then, when his dick is as hard as a steel rod, he's going to bury his meat deep in Sindy's horny asshole. And what's Sindy going to do? Enjoy it, of course. But she's also going to spread her pussy wide so you can get a nice view of her pink cunt, too.

Oh, and she's going to offer up her face for a facial. Because, as we said, a mature woman knows how to get her man excited. And off.

Sindy told us she came to because "I wanted to fuck some of your big-dicked studs. I wanted to see if I could take one of them up my ass. Anal sex is my speciality."

You have to love a woman whose specialty is getting ass-fucked.

"I love anal sex," she said. "I love having a dick, big or small, in my ass. As long as it's hard and pumps me good, I can get off. Sometimes anal sex makes me squirt. I'll be on all fours and he'll be fucking my ass, and all of a sudden, my pussy squirt will drench his balls. Then after he's done fucking my asshole, I won't forget to suck my squirt off his nuts."

Don't worry about sweet-talking her.

"I love when men tell me what they want then fuck me hard. Want my ass? Just take it!"
Featuring: Sindy Silver and Al B
Date: November 6th, 2012
Photos: 34

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