The woman-next-door gets her cunt fucked

The woman-next-door gets her cunt fucked

So, you see a woman like Shirley Lily. Maybe she's at a strip mall, walking back to her car after her weekly visit to the hair salon. She's wearing a button-down blouse. Tight, form-fitting jeans. Not mom jeans at all yet still modest. Flattering. Heels that aren't even close to being fuck-me pumps but are sexy nonetheless. She looks like a respectable woman. She is a respectable woman. But then...

"You know I want this," Shirley says as she rubs Lucas's cock through his pants. "I'm gonna stuff it in my cunt."

Whoa! Did she just say cunt?

"You're gonna pound this cunt real good?"

Whoa! She said it again! And before you know it, she's offering up her DD-cup tits and swallowing Lucas's big, black cock and sucking his balls and letting him slap her ass and spreading her legs and playing with her gaping pussy while Lucas strokes his cock, then having Lucas fuck her face while she continues to frig herself. And then she's riding his cock hard and getting her pussy drilled.

"I'm so…
Featuring: Shirley Lily
Date: May 22nd, 2012
Duration: 39

Member Comments

3 years ago 
LOVE this woman!!
3 years ago 
Shirley seems to be enjoying the bbc!!!
6 years ago 
you need way more solo pictures on your site..
6 years ago 
Great body, but why does the photographer wash out these photos? Their skin is so
bright that any lines and details are washed out. A disfavor to these models, given
they're often hot!

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