Quoth The Raven, Fuck My Ass!

Quoth The Raven, Fuck My Ass!

It's encore time for Raven, who's 56 years old and from Boise, Idaho.

"I'm here to tell you today how I love to fuck and suck," Raven says in the video that'll be posted Thursday. "I love to have my pussy played with. I love to have my ass played with. It's going to feel so good having all those fingers in there, and my ass. It's so hot, so wet, so good!"

Raven dresses like a hooker and kind of looks like one, too. But she's not a hooker. She's a housewife who enjoys masturbating in front of her husband before and during sex. Lucky hubby. She's completely into guys-"I've never had sex with a woman," she told us-and completely into anal sex.

"I like to pump my ass a little when a cock is in there fucking me, just to let the guy know I'm enjoying myself, too," she said.

You can tell she's enjoying herself in these photos. She's doing something she always wanted to do (fuck on camera) and something she doesn't get to do often (have sex with someone other than her husband). So welcome back, Raven. We're glad you put your ass on the line once again.
Featuring: Raven and John Strange
Date: March 16th, 2010
Photos: 62

Member Comments

8 years ago 

this women is in my top 2 movies love both her scenes.love this ytpe of women brown eyes letin white dudes plug her ass with a nasty look in her eye f%#kn awesome,

13 years ago 

Raven , 66 years looks great ! How about some solo beavers before she gets her holes stuffed ?

14 years ago 

fantastic wife,it's a pity I haven't.

14 years ago 

You people are absolutely clueless. I think this just may be the straw that breaks the camels back.

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