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48 Years Later, Still Fucking For A Crowd

Featuring: Lola Lee and Juan Largo
Date: April 7th, 2010
Photos: 53
"The first time I had sex, we had backed up the car so that we faced the beach," Lola Lee said, recalling an event that happened 48 years ago. "I was in high school, and it was a 1939 Ford Coupe. All it had was the front seats and a gym mattress on the floor boards. It was very romantic. We had been building up to it for months, and we laid there watching the sunset after we had sex and noticed a guy standing in the ocean with a pair of binoculars, watching us." And so, for the first time in her life, Lola Lee had sex while people watched. It wouldn't be this swinger's last time, as proven here (and in the DVD Over 60 & Slammed). A common misconception is that a woman's sex drive slows down as she gets older, but the ladies of keep proving how untrue that is. Lola Lee is 66, and she has sex two or three times a week and masturbates three times more. "I have a favorite hand-held vibrator that I use the most, and it really gets me off fast," she said. "Then I have a dildo that I like a lot.

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