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Lots Of Pussy But Not A Cock To Be Found

Featuring: Katia
Date: September 22nd, 2009
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Here's a first for A girl-girl- or is that woman-woman or MILF-MILF-scene. We know that mature women want more cock, but we rarely talk about mature women wanting more pussy. Of course, Georgette Parks, who has had very little pussy in her life (but a lot of cock), sucked on an 18-year-old's pussy while getting fucked in a recent posting. But this is different. There's no cock in sight, and both women are mature. We have Katia (the blonde), who's 56, and Waya (the brunette), who's 45. And both women are very much into pussy. Now, Waya isn't 50something, and when we shot this video, we were planning on posting on But response to 50something Katia (both in her photo/video postings and a recent members poll) was so overwhelming that we thought you'd appreciate it. Katia is definitely a contender with Georgette for the title of most popular model on

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December 16, 2018
Yes more scenes like this!!!
October 21, 2016
Girl girl is hot ! I don't need to see meat in the picture. Plenty of ladies licking pussy makes me hard.
September 22, 2014
holy shit i loved strap on action
December 01, 2009
November 30, 2009
If Waya is a young girl....I would be Mega-excited!
I'd like to see Katia &lovely teen!!
October 19, 2009
Take it easy on the air brushing!

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