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Jasmine's First Time...On-Camera, Of Course

Featuring: Jasmine Fields and Juan Largo
Date: May 3rd, 2011
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Jasmine Fields, a writer and sex coach from Denver, Colorado (born in Allentown, Pennsylvania) makes her worldwide on-camera fucking-and-sucking debut at, and you know what we've been saying about 50 being the new 30? Jasmine is proof. When we first saw her, we figured she had to be in her early 40s, max. We even asked to see her driver's license as proof that she was in her 50s, and there it was. DOB: 03-17-1959. Which makes her 52 years old. "I get that all the time," Jasmine said. "Some people think I'm in my 30s. I definitely take it as a compliment." She should because combined with her youthful face and mint body, Jasmine has that certain something that screams, "Mature!" There's something about the way she carries herself and speaks, some sparkle in her eye, that tells you she's experienced life and knows her way around the bedroom. Which she does, as you're about to see. Jasmine's fantasies: "Having sex or masturbating with multiple men watching and being tied to a bed and licked until I cum and then fucked." Jasmine's kinkiest sexual encounter: "A threesome with two very hot 25-year-old Italian men from Rome in a very classy Beverly Hills hotel.

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