Georgette Parks' First Interracial Fuck!

Georgette Parks' First Interracial Fuck!

Moments before her first interracial scene, 65-year-old Georgette Parks sat in the studio, looking a bit nervous.

"You've never fucked a black man?" our editor asked.

"No, I haven't, but I'm excited about it," she said.

"But you seem nervous."

"I am nervous. I'm nervous about how big his cock is going to be."

Georgette was about to find out that Lucas Stone's cock is very big. Big and thick. But as the lucky black stud was about to find out, Georgette can handle-and suck and fuck-anything!

So here it is, gentlemen. This isn't just Georgette's first interracial's the first time she's ever fucked a black man anywhere, and as she sat in the studio, waiting for Lucas to show up, she said, "My pussy is getting wet just thinking about it." She says she's had this fantasy for a long time.

For Georgette, the fantasy of getting fucked by a black cock has now been fulfilled. For her fans, the fantasy of seeing her get fucked by a black cock is about to be. Georgette never disappoints.
Featuring: Georgette Parks and Lucas Stone
Date: February 2nd, 2010
Photos: 43

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