As It Turns Out, Georgette Is A Classy Fuck Slut!

As It Turns Out, Georgette Is A Classy Fuck Slut!

Last week, we tried to answer the question, "Is Georgette a classy lady or a slut." Now, obviously, it's possible for a woman to be both--a classy slut--and in the case of this 64-year-old interior decorator from Tampa Bay, Florida, we think that's the case. And, if you remember, the dude in this video liked how Georgette looked in her "classy lady" outfit, which was pretty sexy and slutty, too, if you ask us. So how would he like her in her slutty outfit? The outfit that she can't possibly wear with a bra or panties (not that she usually wears either) because it has so many slits? Well, these photos provide the answer.

Of course, it probably doesn't matter how Georgette is dressed. If she starts sticking her big tits in your face, you're gonna get a hard-on. And when she starts sucking your cock and eating your balls? Lights out, fella. And that's even before the fucking begins. And trust us, fellas. It begins!

"I'm always ready to go, whether I'm dressed classy or slutty," Georgette said. But here's a warning to you: If you happen to run into Georgette, don't expect her to come onto you, no matter how much she might want your cock.

"I'm just not a big flirt," she said. "I am very open and friendly, but I don't come on strong to guys. If they want me, they have to come on to me."

Now that's what we call an invitation!
Featuring: Georgette Parks and Levi Cash
Date: July 13th, 2009
Photos: 61

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