Former Romanian Gymnast Takes It Up The Ass

Former Romanian Gymnast Takes It Up The Ass

Like so many other women on, Dacia Logan starts out looking classy and elegant and ends up getting fucked in the ass. Ah, yes, the modern woman is so complicated! And what of this complicated woman...who's so easy?

Well, Dacia is 52 years old. She was born in Bucharest, Romania and now lives in Queens, New York. She's 5'5", 144 pounds and is divorced. Who's the dumb schmuck who divorced a hot lady like Dacia? Actually, she divorced him. One cock wasn't enough, and she didn't want to cheat on the dude.

Dacia, like so many Romanian women, was a gymnast when she was young. She now jogs, plays tennis, dances, goes to the gym and fucks strangers. She likes lingerie and high heels. She loves to play with handcuffs, blindfolds and toys. She fantasizes about having a three-way in a public park. Hey, Central Park isn't far from where she lives. And she's a swinger.

You're not surprised by that, are you?
Featuring: Dacia Logan and Juan Largo
Date: June 1st, 2010
Photos: 51

Member Comments

7 years ago 

Love these Romanian babes.

12 years ago 

The pictures are good. They would be great if there were a lot more detailing the story and multiples of here amazing butt. The video is very disappointing. There arent a full images of Dacia and her wonderful mature cury butt cheeks.

14 years ago 

Hi Chaps. I love the site and the ladies. Here's the puzzling bit. We fans like beautiful older ladies. Therefore ladies who are likely a bit plumper round the middle and saggier up top. WHY then the constant use of bras to artificially push up the boobs, and clothing tied round the waist to hide what's there? Dacia is a great exemple of how attractive an older lady can be actually NAKED, without half her wardrobe still on as the gentleman comes. Try it!

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