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Anal with a creampie on top

Featuring: Chery Leigh and Rocky
Date: March 4th, 2014
Photos: 54
Chery Leigh, a 55-year-old wife, mother and grandmother, returns, and this time, she's wearing sexy lingerie that's a combination of bra and panty, connected across the middle but still revealing her sexy midsection. "Are you ready for this?" Chery asks Rocky, who's only 25. Who wouldn't be? "I'm almost ready," he says. That's guy code for, "I'll be ready after you suck my cock." So that's what Chery does. Why? Because she's over 50 and she doesn't play games. She gets a mouthful. She slobbers all over it. She gets almost all the way down to his balls, and you know that if she could get the rest of the way, she would. And then he fucks her pussy. But not for long.

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December 09, 2014
I'm a late comer to this site, and I'm sorry for that, because it seems like I've missed you! I do hope you come back and grace us with some more amazing performances.
April 05, 2014
Do you think you could have 3 super-hung black guys gangbang your beautiful ass? Keep up the great work.

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