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A Cream Pie For Charlie

Featuring: Charlie and Juan Largo
Date: January 12th, 2010
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In real life, 57-year-old Charlie is a registered nurse from Denver, Colorado, but here, she puts her acting skills to work by playing a sex therapist. The guy has problems, and Charlie is going to use her wet mouth, big tits and tight pussy to make his problems go away. Now, we've mentioned that when we bring back a MILF for an encore, we like them to do something different from what they did in their first appearance. In Charlie's case, something different cums in the final pictures, and it cums in her pussy, and then it pours out of her. Last time she was at, Charlie described herself as "traditional" when it comes to fucking. Cumming in a woman's pussy is very traditional, so here we go!

What Members are saying about this update...

July 15, 2012
How is it all these women look so good! Charlie is so hot; if I saw her in
public I swear I'd ask for an autograph an a picture!
December 07, 2011
Ladyin stockings and suspenders is more sexy. Thanks Charlie!
April 30, 2011
Saggy Member 65 : Perhaps your connoisseurial expertise would be appreciated elsewhere............
August 09, 2010
I've been a Charlie lover for a long time from other sites and her videos. What's not to like about a hot blonde with a creampie? One of the best models over 50! Would love to see more.
January 13, 2010
I really wasn't very impressed by her first offering, so having her back so soon is not sitting very well with me. Ditto with the big girl from last week, although I liked her a little more than this one. Why are we getting so many of these women and still no professionals for a long time, and no classic porn stars ever except Joana Storm? Just let me know now if you are going to turn this into an amateur model Star Search or something so I can go elsewhere. 0-2 in 2010 at this point, in my opinion. I suppose there must be enough folks who like that sort of thing, but I am not one. I am getting a sense of false advertising as well, since when I first came to this site, I figuered with the SCORE brand attached, and knowing the quality of models that have appeared in SCORE and 40 Something and on the websites, I would be seeing more of the same, just with the older models. Why haven't we seen anything of models like Lola Lee, Jewel, Anneke, Rose Marie, etc, not to mention the likes of Patty Plenty, Kimberley Kupps, Kitten Natividad? I think that since last September or so you guys started thinking too much about this or something. You started off with some great models and great action, then seemed to go off on a tangent. You still come up with some good updates, and even some excellent ones, but the overall trend is not to my liking. The Georgette MMF was fantastic, and Victoria was a great find, Katia is great but the rest are just ok, which is not what I expect from a SCORE product. With just one lady a week for updates, I don't want to go a month between decent updates, and if you alternate a proven model with an amateur or semi-pro, it would be a lot easier to handle. Throw in a classic porn star every couple of months, and you will do better at pleasing folks like me. If you care to, that is.
January 13, 2010
Can't get this scene up fast enough, imo. I loved Charlie's first scene the most and im ready for more! Really, really wish she was playing a nurse but oh well, the therapist thing looks great too!

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