A Very Happy Ending

A Very Happy Ending

A recent scientific study found that female massage therapists over the age of 50 are more likely to give their clients a happy ending than younger massage therapists. In 74% of those instances, the happy ending comes via a blow job and in a surprising 44.3%, the happy ending comes via a blow job and fuck. The margin of error was plus or minus three-percent.

We're just making that up. But since you're more likely to get great sex from a woman over 50 than a woman under 50-and since women over 50 are hornier than women under 50-it follows that a 50Plus MILF is more likely to reach under the towel and grab your cock than a woman under 50. Got that.

So here we have Arjana, a 53-year-old newbie (born April 12, 1960) from the Czech Republic. She's not a massage therapist, although she is in these photos, and from the looks of things, she's very good at it. She has soft hands and a tight cunt. She's married, and we envy the lucky man and appreciate his generosity in allowing his wife to fuck other men for our viewing pleasure. She's not a swinger but she is a nudist. And she's the mother of three.

"Most people who know me wouldn't be surprised to see me doing this," Arjana said. "They know I like to do wild things. And I always dress sexy in tight dresses, tight T-shirts and short skirts."

Arjana has never been a porn star, and this is something she'd wanted to try for a long time. But although she was willing to suck and fuck a stranger's cock on-camera, she wouldn't tell us her sexual fantasies.

"A woman has to have her secrets," she said.

Even a woman who fucks on-camera? Guess so!
Featuring: Arjana and Jay Dee
Date: May 28th, 2013
Photos: 54

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10 years ago 

I don't mind having the occasional euro scene as milfs do not
just exist in America

10 years ago 

Looks like there going the euro way. This scene is going to suck.

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