He Wanted Her Son, But He Came For Her

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He Wanted Her Son, But He Came For Her

This video answers the age-old question, "If a recruiter from the armed services came to your door, trying to recruit your son or daughter, what would you do?"

Vivi Ana, A 54-year-old MILF, knows exactly what she would do. She'd fuck him. Of course, first she'd slobber all over his cock, but then she'd fuck him. And suck him, again.

Because Vivi sucks cock and balls very well, thank you.

This raunchy Italian hottie doesn't mess around. She swallows the Marine recruiter's cock down to the root, and when she gets down there, she sees something else she likes. Yeah, balls! So she stops sucking his cock for a moment and buries her mouth in his nut-sac, as if she's trying to swallow the whole damn thing. At this point, the recruiter isn't thinking, "What can I do for my country?" He's thinking, "What can this chick's hot cunt do for me?" Quite a bit, as it turns out. But you'll have to see for yourself.

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Featuring: Vivi Ana and Seth Dickens
Date: April 23rd, 2009
Duration: 21:17

Member Comments

11 months ago 
Vivi Ana. Definitely one of the prettiest on here.
4 years ago 
Dude drops a military pay load on this hot milf�s face.
5 years ago 
I didn't really notice what the guy was wearing.
6 years ago 
Bring her back , scene with jmac carry her would be awesome
7 years ago 
Nice Italian pussy,I find it funny people who find a uniform offensive when there watching hardcore porn, Makes any statement they make redundant. If your so offended then I suggest you don't order a pizza or have someone clean the pool either cause they are probably the most popular characters used in the industry.
10 years ago 
Who cares about the uniform? I sure don't.Just a sex flick.Don't make it something it isn't.It's just good porn nothing else.
10 years ago 
I agree with most comments here here as a NAVY vet that Fought alongside MARINES I find it distasteful to Use the Marine Uniform for any PORN I agrre Cammies would with out emblems would have been better.
10 years ago 
nice lady
11 years ago 
U idiots whining about the marine uniform because it's disrespect-ful..uh it's only porno ! not as if America has got any real history to be proud of anyway !?
13 years ago 
this broad is hot!!! Take her clothes off earlier there is nothing wrong with a a little belly fat on the ole girl
13 years ago 
this broad is hot!!! Take her clotes off there is noting wrong with a a little belly fat on the ole girl
13 years ago 
...Also, soldiers must show respect because they are in the military and thier superiors demand it. Civilians don't have to show respect. Its nice, but not mandatory...another right provided by the armed forces.
13 years ago 
I have to say stop whining. I'm not offended. First of all if people in this uniform blead and sweat for us, they did so so we could be free to express ourselves how we see fit. Many soldiers have sex, buy prostitutes in places they are stationed and fight in. Is that respectful? They are not angels, they are soldiers. The uniform is part of freedom and it shows no disrespect to use it for this site is part of what soldiers fight for. How can you come to a porn site that many think should be outlawed then complain because they use a fake military uniform. I give the people who dies in this uniform respect by partaking of my 1st amendment right to view and consume porn no matter how they actors are dressed!
13 years ago 
The video is hot but I have to say that you are in the gray area by using a Marine uniform. I find it disrespectful to our armed services. Come on guys if you really wanted to use a service then put someone in cammies with no emblems or patches. In the future please respect those who served and is currently serving.
13 years ago 
Vivi is an amazing woman, I know her personally. Trust me gents, this video does not do her justice..Absolutely better looking in person, great legs and very sexy. She is a total sweetheart. I have been with her myself and cannot believe she did a video. I thought I was seeing things watching this! I made it! I have been with a pornstar! Seriously, she is a doll and funny as all hell. Those boobies are au natural and look great in person as well..Vivi if you read this, its JOHN THE GREENGREEK! I will try to get together with you real soon....
14 years ago 
The woman and the action are hot, but I have to say as a veteran of the USMC, I found the male model wearing the Marine uniform to be offensive and disrespectful. From his tatts, he must have been in the Corps at some point, but his hair is too long and he is wearing white socks! It isn't a freakin' costume, it is a uniform that people sweat and bleed in for you. A little respect is all that is asked in return.

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