Not-So-Desperate Housewife

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Not-So-Desperate Housewife

Suzie Wood, a 60something housewife from Florida, likes what she sees sitting on her couch. Her husband isn't home, but she doesn't care because she knows he wouldn't mind. After all, she's doing this just for him: fucking for the camera.

"The whole time I was fucking this guy, I kept thinking about how my husband is going to react when he sees this video," Suzie said. "I'm gonna be ready for him because he's gonna want to fuck my brains out! I might even give him head while he's sitting in our computer room watching this video."

In every other way but this, Suzie is a typical housewife. She enjoys traveling, gardening and reading by the pool. She watches the TV shows Desperate Housewifes (even though she's not at all desperate) and 2 1/2 Men. Her dream car is a Cadillac convertible. About 43 years ago, she lost her virginity in a very typical way: at her boyfriend's house.

But she's not typical anymore, now that she's fucked for

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Featuring: Suzie Wood and Tony Rubino
Date: January 29th, 2009
Duration: 17:35

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