An In-Depth, Penetrating Interview With Lani Maru

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An In-Depth, Penetrating Interview With Lani Maru

You might have noticed that the interviews at have become a little more...well, penetrating is the word. We give penetrating interviews. The MILF is talking to our editor, telling us all of her dirty little secrets, and before you know it, a cock is penetrating her mouth. Yes, penetrating interviews. That's the ticket!

Lani Maru, a 54-year-old from Hawaii (she now lives in Michigan), is making her second appearance at, and it's great to have her, especially since we didn't get the chance to interview her last time. In this interview, Lani:

1. Shows us how to properly slap her round, fuckable ass. "It's all about the hand movement," Lani tells us. "Quick. Sharp."

2. Sits on the porn stud's lap.

3. Gives the porn stud a hand job.

4. Asks, "Do you mind if I take a suck," or something like that, then gives him a mini-blow job.

5. Struggles at first with the interviewer's New York accent.

6. Correctly answers the question,… Read More »

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Featuring: Lani Maru
Date: January 26th, 2010
Duration: 23:32

Member Comments

7 years ago 

one of the most beautiful women on this site!! SEXY body great boobs lovely ass!!!! She is incredible!!!!!

8 years ago 

You are one hell of a sexy woman !!!

8 years ago 

You are one hell of a sexy woman !!!

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