A Little Talk, A Little Sucking Of A Big Cock

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A Little Talk, A Little Sucking Of A Big Cock

We couldn't let Katia's return to 50PlusMILFs.com pass without doing a sit-down interview with this 56-year-old babe from Alabama. So here's the interview as a primer to tomorrow's big-cock, ass-fuck video. You'll love Katia's Southern accent. You'll love hearing her recall her first scene on 50PlusMILFs.com. You'll love hearing her talk about Castro's big, black cock, which she already fucked for yesterday's photo set.

"It's about the largest I've had," Katia says.

And her first thought when she saw it? "How am I gonna take it?"

And how did she take it? "Very slowly. It was good!"

Watch. Listen. Learn. Maybe even jack a little as Katia sits there in her sexy little outfit and tells us the history of her shaved pussy (she's been shaving it for a long time). Then she shows off her big tits and her ass and compares the size of her forearm to Castro's cock. Then she gets started on Castro's cock!

Be patient, guys. Tomorrow's only a day away, and it's gonna be… Read More »

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Featuring: Katia
Date: November 25th, 2009
Duration: 16:45

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