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Jeri Does A Big Cock

Featuring: Jeri Does and Carlos Rios
Date: March 19th, 2009
Duration: 17:43
"I was really excited about doing my first boy-girl scene, but then I saw the size of the guy's cock they put me with," said South Carolina divorcee Jeri Does. "Then I started getting scared." No worries, Jeri. Our man is a pro, and he loves fucking mature women. He handled Jeri with care. Got her pussy all wet and squishy before he shoved his cock inside. "I must admit, though, I had a hard time getting my mouth around his cock," Jeri said. "Usually I can deep-throat a guy, but him? No way! But once I got into it, it was very exciting. He didn't have to eat my pussy to get me wet. I was already soaked!" Jeri doesn't know if she wants to do this again or if it was a one-time thrill. "I enjoyed it, but I've never seen myself as a porn star," Jeri said.

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October 15, 2018
Awesome ass on her.
April 03, 2015
A super pretty natural woman.More like her,please.
July 07, 2014
So so hot! She know how to put the fire on your cock... She deserves to come back for more scenes, and first to try a black cock in hot doggy and cowgirl
February 20, 2013
She's really hot and sexy! I wish I could download her to my hard drive for my own personal use. It sucks that good honest people like myself have to suffer because people have uploaded Score videos to video sharing sites.
December 24, 2011
Getting that 50milfs access was probably the most worse idea
ive had in a while , not content wise , but for 2 main
things : a/ you call these photo sets large ?? lol
b/ as mentioned before , your download policies sucks big
time .
Thanks for understanding
September 09, 2010
Jeri so cute want to see more of her she is cute all over her butt her face and
how she loves young guys so hot thanks sweety

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