Getting To Know Calliste, Part 1

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Getting To Know Calliste, Part 1

Calliste Garnet, a 50-year-old housewife from Las Vegas, Nevada, arrives at ready for action. That means she's wearing a sexy dress and no panties (as we find out in the opening minutes of this video). Turns out she just flew in from Vegas, and it was quite an eventful journey. But we'll let Calliste tell you all about it.

"I bent over, and this guy noticed I didn't have any panties on and kinda got excited," she said. "He sure was interested in talking to me."

This is Part One of "Getting To Know Calliste." She gets naked fast and reveals her beautiful, firm tits, spreads her pussy and shows us how she keeps it tight and right. Then she tries on sexy outfits as she gets ready to go out and spend a day in sunny Miami, Florida. That'll be Part Two of "Getting To Know Calliste." And as for Parts Three and Four...well, you didn't think we'd fly her all the way in from Vegas without getting her some cock, did you?

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Featuring: Calliste Garnet
Date: July 28th, 2009
Duration: 25:16

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