Allura In Control

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Allura In Control

Allura James, 53 and from California, goes right after the cock in this blow job/tug job scene, her first ever. Allura looks like the woman-next-door, but she's as wild as they come, sexually. "I like to masturbate in front of a guy as he watches me and plays with himself," Allura said. "It's a total tease. I'm using my fingers and dildos, and he's not even touching me. Of course, he can shoot his load on my face or chest when he's done."
The woman is an accountant, although she doesn't talk like one. Or act like one. She likes light spanking and being tied up. She loves dressing up in stockings and fuck-me pumps. She's a swinger, and although women have sucked her tits and kissed her, she hasn't returned the favor. Yet. "My fantasy is two or three guys at the same time getting me really stimulated, and a woman comes in later and uses her fingers and a strap-on," she said. She likes a man to take control. "But I can be very assertive from time to time, depending on my moods and… Read More »

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Featuring: Allura James and Juan Largo
Date: December 15th, 2011
Duration: 13:33

Member Comments

9 years ago 

Get Allura in bed with Tony FROM 60 PLUS and let him play her son? Tony talking to his father as his mother sucks his big cock in see through "fuck my ass son!" undies.

11 years ago 

There is plenty of fucking through out the site. This was long ass blow job with many variations of it. She and the scene were still hot. It was a great facial at the end. Bring her back for some fucking and everybody will be happy again.

11 years ago 

I DISAGREE with the others, This site is still hot and always will be HOT. Have
you seen the new 60 plus models--Bea and Donna?? You guys aren't true
mature admires. You don't appreciate the effort these women give--have any
of you ever been in a film?? Probably not. It's a different kind of scene--
different is OK! I've seen all of the other mature sites and believe me, the
females on 50 &60Plus provide the best ACTION! Be grateful for the
entertainment, geesh! We got half off (membership price) with the happy
holiday special and you're still complaining! Unbelievable.

11 years ago 

Let the echoes continue. I kept fast forwarding through this one thinking, "are you fucking kidding me?! this scene's almost out of time when the fuck is it going to start?!" This was this actress and scene yet. Step it up and freshen it up please, this site used to be awesome.

11 years ago 

I agree with all of the others. This site has gone waaay downhill.

11 years ago 

I agree with ken, I mean how shit is this website getting ? sort it out 50plus!

11 years ago 

I am sure everyone of your paying subscribers appreciate you posting this update instead of Patty Plenty getting fucked in the ass, or any one of several dozen other older women that you refuse to post on here. Hell, this even made me wish for another video of the semi-attractive Polish chick or some of the other over exposed models you have been spamming us with for the past year or so.

11 years ago 

i swear this site is going down hill there is not enough updates plus the scenes are getting worse....i hate when people only do a bj the industry a bj is mainly included in the scene...if i just want to see handjob, bj, and tug jobs i would join a site that only does that...when they only do the one thing i feel cheated...the scene is a quarterorf what i want to see...then i have to wait longer for another scene...if you guys are going to keep doing this ethier cut the price of membership or start doing more updates cause you are not giving the people that love the site there moneys worth.

11 years ago 

This was an EPIC FAILURE!!! No fucking? Really!

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