The Canals Of Venice

The Canals Of Venice

Venice, who's 50 and has never been married, comes out of a stall in a ladies restroom rolling down her skirt. She's wearing a tight top that shows plenty of E-cup cleavage and a skirt that's very short. How short? Well, when she bends over to wash her hands and fix her makeup, her ass is almost completely exposed. Does she know it? She must. There's too much ass showing for her not to know it. She adjusts her top to show more cleavage, clearly planning to seduce her date, but it seems as if the seducing has already been done. He enters the bathroom and comes up behind her.

"What are you doing in here?" she says. "We're in a restaurant."

That doesn't matter. He needs her, and she wants him, too. In the best way. In the nastiest way. On the bathroom floor and while she's bent over the sink. Check out how nice Venice's shaved pussy looks while she's getting drilled. Check out how her big tits jiggle while she's getting fucked on the bathroom floor. Yeah, Venice is a classy… Read More »

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Featuring: Venice Knight and J Mac
Date: March 4th, 2010
Duration: 18:40

Member Comments

4 years ago 
She's never been married??? What the fuck is wrong with the men where she lives?
5 years ago 
Wish she was my aunt.
8 years ago 
I simply love those natural boobs, can't undertand what some guy is looking for from a 50 year old woman. If you look for fake plastic tits you can visit some bangbros like website and it's fine.. as far as me ... bring more of her, I love Venice!
9 years ago 
what a stunner - absolutely love those real breasts - much better than fakes. they look great when they swing!
9 years ago 
Great fucking woman. Luv het natural tits for a change instead of those fake balloons
9 years ago 
Not good... please do better this week!
9 years ago 
Liked her a lot. The gratuitous close ups on her swingin' boobies were greatly appreciated. Would have liked the cowgirl action to last a little longer as her ass looked great bouncing all over the place, usually my favorite part of ANY video. Anyway, you are really hot Venice, thanks!
9 years ago 
You should do more anal scenes
9 years ago 
Not very need to bring her back..!!!

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