Sindy Swank Means Business

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Sindy Swank Means Business

Now this is how you run a business meeting! You're the boss, but Sindy Swank thinks she knows what's best for your company, even though it's been in your family for 54 years. You tell her, "We're going to do things the traditional way," but she counters with, "These days, women have the power." Now you've got her exactly where you want her because she's gonna prove it. And how is she gonna prove it? You know how!
So this 54-year-old divorcee from Virginia bends over and says, "Pull my skirt off," then demands, "Lick my ass, now!" She thinks she's teaching you a lesson in business, but this is exactly what your cock wanted all the time.
"Put four fingers in there," she demands. "Put four fingers in my pussy! Fuck me!"
So you slide four fingers into her pussy and when she says, "Keep fucking me! Don't stop fucking me!" the truth is you have no intention of stopping. Because soon, it's gonna be your turn.
So she gets down on her knees and sucks your cock and balls. By now, she thinks… Read More »
Featuring: Sindy and Andy Mann
Date: May 21st, 2009
Duration: 17:28

Member Comments

3 months ago 

Can you imagine Sindy take bbc

3 months ago 

Wow didnt know Virginia have this much hot milfs. Please bring her back

3 months ago 

More of this Virginian milf

11 months ago 

Wish she gonna come back to do more videos

1 year ago 

get her back for more videos

5 years ago 

she is hot

9 years ago 

wish all my meetings were like this in real life great scene

10 years ago 

Give me more of this horny Milf!!!

10 years ago 

Beautiful face, lovely cock sucking lips. She's a winner.

12 years ago 

I loved the tit action.

12 years ago 

More,More! Need one with her in heels and hose.
She is a five star with me.

13 years ago 

I liked the way she made him lick her ass, next time she go all the way for a rim job. She's a hot model and a great facial to end with.

14 years ago 

Loved the way she took charge and had him lick her buns. More please.

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