Jessica Violates The Dress Code, H.R. Guy Violates Jessica

Jessica Violates The Dress Code, H.R. Guy Violates Jessica

Jessica Sexton has a problem. She's been called into the H.R. manager's office at work. It seems Mr. Stone has been receiving complaints from Jessica's co-workers about her inappropriate attire. Short skirts. See-through tops. Fuck-me pumps. No panties. You gotta figure Jessica's jealous female co-workers are the ones doing the complaining, but Mr. Stone has a job to do, and today, he's terminating Jessica's employment. In regular-person speak, that means he's firing her.

Well, Jessica isn't going to take this lying down. Actually, she is going to take it lying down, but first she's going to get down on her knees and suck Mr. Stone's big, black cock, then she's going to lie on his desk and have him fuck her shaved pussy. Clearly, this isn't appropriate behavior for an upper-management employee of a company, but wouldn't you fuck Jessica if you had the chance?

We thought so. And the next time you're at work and see one of your sexy MILF co-workers going into the H.R. guy's… Read More »

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Featuring: Jessica Sexton and Lucas Stone
Date: May 13th, 2010
Duration: 18:51

Member Comments

4 years ago 
Can this man please fuck every model on this site?
4 years ago 
THAT is how you fuck a woman. Gorgeous performance.
5 years ago 
sexton takes his black cock for a long ride wow
8 years ago 
this is the best her performace is outstand i loves to see her and lucas and bea in a store or drs. officer
8 years ago 
Jessica Sexton is my favorite performer. She does a great
job of looking up while giving oral and she sounds sexy. I
agree with El Barto; petite feminine milfs with small
breasts are the best. The male performer bangs too hard,
just my opinion. Does anyone else notice this? Overall, I
give the movie 5 out of 5. Love you Jessica!
9 years ago 
Would like to see her with 2 or 3 black guys at once, it would be a great scene to watch.
9 years ago 
not impressed!@
9 years ago 
what a sexy little milf - she takes 9" of black cock with real gusto !!
9 years ago 
Would liked to have seen her gaping pussy. Toward the end
for a split second you can see that she has a loose gaping
pussy right before he puts his cock in, but you never show
it off. This is a general complaint with this site's content
though. You have hot loose women taking big cocks, but you
always cut away when they pull out and don't… show their
pussies after having gotten fucked.
9 years ago 
Please more Anal scenes with all your Milfs!
9 years ago 
She's so skinny and hot. Man, she can really take a dicking! These are my favorite kind of milfs, petite, reed thin and ready for a pounding. You are really, really sexy Mrs. Sexton, come back soon!

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