Young Meat For Georgette

Georgette Parks - XXX MILF video
"It's time for Round Two," Georgette announces as she walks through our studio door and goes to see whether the young stunt-cock we hired likes her slutty look (as opposed to the classy look she modeled for him before). How could he not like Georgette as a slut? Her tits look great, her body looks completely fuckable and she's not wearing any panties over that bald pussy of hers. Georgette bends over so he can play with her ass, something most 64-year-olds wouldn't feel confident doing when it's a 30-year-old they're doing the bending-over for, but Georgette knows the magic she works on men of all ages.

"You're gonna suck my tits, and then I'm gonna suck you," she says as she offers up her incredibly firm rack, too.

As you'll see, Georgette thoroughly enjoys herself. "I like younger guys, but I don't have them that often," she told us when she visited. "So this was a real treat. Most younger guys don't have the confidence to approach an older woman like myself, and I'm never…

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