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Our Oldest (And Most Popular) Milf Returns!

Featuring: Sandra Ann and Juan Largo
Date: April 20th, 2010
Photos: 35
A recent poll of members asked, "Is there an upper-limit to the age of the women you want to see at" Not surprisingly, the majority (51%) answered, "No! Age is just a long as the woman is over 50!" But another 35% of you asked us to keep the MILFs under 70 (while 14% said keep them under 80). So, two months ago, when we posted the first photos and videos of 75-year-old Sandra Ann, our oldest model ever, we were confident that you'd like her, but we also wondered if we'd pushed the envelope a bit too far. You let us know that we hadn't. Harley134 wrote, "I would marry that piece of ass in a heartbeat, and that is a proposal!" Tanner said, "Sandra Ann is the BEST model you have ever had!" Graham wrote, "Wow! Sandra is very hot. More of this fabulous lady soon!" Is this soon enough for you? Sandra Ann was not only popular, she was our most popular MILF ever, according to your comments and ratings. And now she's back for more, sucking cock like only she can and fucking a much-younger stud (Juan, who one member rightly called the luckiest man on Earth, is 27, more than young enough to be Sandra Ann's grandson). The truth is, there aren't a lot of 75-year-olds like Sandra Ann, but there's at least one, and we've got her. Welcome back, Sandra Ann!

What Members are saying about this update...

December 26, 2011
Who needs viagra when we have Sandra Ann?
December 07, 2011
Sandra Ann is the most wonderful lady I have never seen.

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