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You won't believe what Lillian has jammed up her asshole

Featuring: Lillian Tesh and Tony D'Sergio
Date: September 18th, 2012
Photos: 54
The lesson to be learned from these photos of Lillian Tesh is: Don't be surprised if the woman you just saw at the library or the bookstore..the one who looks so straight-laced and shy with her Sunday school teacher glasses..has a butt-plug shoved up her asshole. Say what? Yes, Lillian Tesh, who's 51 years old and reminds us a little of Mary Poppins, is wearing a butt-plug, and you know what that means: She's getting ready for anal sex. Of course, she gets it. A woman like Lillian always gets what she wants. "I know what I want and I go and get it," Lillian said. "I'll go to a club and scour the room for someone who I'd like to get fucked by, then I'll make my moves as far as introducing myself. I know what I want when I see it. People think I'm pretty straight. They've never seen my wild side." They're seeing it here, even though in the opening photos, Lillian looks like a schoolmarm with her glasses and her pink sweater wrapped around her neck. But underneath..stockings and a garter.

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September 20, 2012
Good! she knows how to give ass. congratulations! Make an anal
Sandra Ann

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