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Southern Charm

Featuring Katia
Date July 2nd, 2009
Duration 25:07
The tables are turned in this 50plusMILFs.com video. Usually it's our horny photographers who are trying to get into the panties of the sexy 50somethings and 60somethings. This time, Katia, a 55-year-old from Birmingham, Alabama, is the photographer who's trying to get into the pants of her male model.
"You know you're turning me on, Carlo," she says, but he seems oblivious. She has him take off his clothes, but when she says, "Unbuckle your pants. Don't be shy," he hesitates.
"My agent didn't tell me about this," he says. "What kind of shoot is this?"
Well, Carlo, buddy, if you must know, it's the kind of shoot in which the hot MILF photographer sucks your cock and then has you fuck her pussy and ass. It's that kind of shoot, if you want to know the truth.
By the way, one of the best things about this video is that we get to hear Katia's sexy Southern accent. She says things like, "Why don't you take it off for me, darlin'?" If it was us, she wouldn't have had to ask twice.

What Members are saying about this update...

October 08, 2015
Katia is a superstar in the Mature genre. This is by far her best video. Great chemistry with the young Carlos. Beautifully staged, performed and recorded. A Classic.
October 07, 2015
The best scene ever. Period.
May 03, 2015
Katia and this great video have been the reason for me to become member of 50+ MILFS.
I would like to watch this video, which is my favourite one, in HD-MP4, maybe here on 50+ in the near future or on Scorland2?
And I hope you can ask Katia to come back and do some new features, now on 60+ MILFS. I'm looking forward to! As you can see in the comments, I'm not the only one who likes Katia so much.

Katia, please com back!!
April 12, 2015
Very sexy lady are you ever going to bring Katia back????
March 10, 2015
Oh Katia You are such a hot and sexy beautiful milf that your outstanding erotic video made my rock hard steel man love tool so tingly and jerking all the way throw your performance I just continually dream about entering your love tunnel and filling you up tot he brim so it will ooze out and then you can suck me dry and taste my sweet cum. Also thanks for keeping those sexy shoes on all the way throw the video. Please, please continue this type of video's and cum back real soon. I also hope you will do more solo masturbation senes
February 24, 2015
when a Lady has so many comments, then there is just one question : which time you bring her back??. Outstanding Boobs.Extremly hot.

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