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My, Grandma, What A Nice Mouth You Have!

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There's obviously something up here from the start. After all, what is Grandma Honey Ray doing walking around the house in sexy lingerie while her granddaughter is making out with her boyfriend on the couch? So when Honey sends her granddaughter out on an errand, we know exactly what's up, and so does everyone else. Of course, the boyfriend's cock gets up in a hurry.
There are a few things about this video that we'd like to point out. The first is that Honey has really nice tits. She says she wears a C-cup bra, but we bet she'd fit better into a D-cup. And the second...well, we'll let Honey tell you.
'I love to suck cock,' she said. 'I just love how a hard cock feels in my mouth. I even like having a soft cock in my mouth and feeling it get harder as I suck. Sometimes I'll suck a man's cock for so long and I don't even realize it, and then he's cumming in my mouth and I'm thinking, 'Damn! Now he can't fuck me.' Of course, I have ways of getting him ready again.'
We're sure she does. Honey Ray is just more proof that mature women are better in bed than younger women. 50somethings are better than 40somethings. And Honey Ray keeps getting better.

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