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Daughter Fucks Good, But Mother Fucks Better

Featuring: Miranda Torri and Jack Cummings
Date: June 24th, 2010
Duration: 21:10
For the record, we'd just like to say that although Cassy Torri, Miranda's 44-year-old daughter, is a very good fuck, as proven by her video on, 66-year-old Miranda is a better fuck. Which makes sense, you know. Experience, and all that. In this video, her first ever, Miranda gives us ownership of her pussy. "You can see it. You can look at it. It's all yours, baby," she says. "We're gonna suck. We're gonna fuck, and I hope it's one of you, because I want to suck you and I want to fuck you." And she keeps talking about the things she wants to do to our cocks until-WHAMMO!-our stunt cock shows up! "I want you to take your cock out of your pants and stroke it," she says. Invitation accepted.

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