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Lin's Kinky Cum Party

Featuring: Andy Mann and Lin Boyde
Date: April 9th, 2009
Duration: 23:07
"What's the kinkiest thing I've ever done?" asked 62-year-old swinger Lin Boyde. "It was in a swingers' club." Tell us more, tell us more, Lin! "My guy and I had sex in front of a crowd of people," she said. "It was funny because even though we were in a swingers' club, we weren't in the part of the club where people usually have sex, so people were watching us and cheering us on. When he came on my face, I swear it was the most cum I've ever seen. And I guess some of the guys must have been masturbating while watching us because two of them walked over and came on my chest when we were finished." They were uninvited, but Lin didn't mind. "When I get horny and want to fuck, I'm not always looking for a gentleman," she said. "Like I said before, I love flowers, but given the choice between a man with flowers and a man with a hard cock, I'll take the cock." But why choose, Lin? You can have both!

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