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Broken Glass, Fucking Ass!

Featuring Destiny Anne
Date June 18th, 2009
Duration 22:18
Destiny Anne, a 52-year-old MILF from Tampa Bay, Florida, is sitting on her couch, enjoying the afternoon. Translation: She's rubbing her pussy underneath her sexy white panties and playing with her big, plastic tits. They're DD-cups, and she's only five-feet tall, which means she's short and stacked, but that's a story for another time. For now, we've got a great birds-eye view of her tits and pussy, and Destiny Anne is moaning, really getting into herself. And then..
Son of a bitch! The newspaper boy just just chucked the daily paper through Destiny Anne's front window, scattering glass all over the place! Destiny's pissed, not because of the messy cleanup or the expense involved but because she was just about to cum.
"Who broke my window?" she stands up and says. She tucks her tits back into her lingerie top, opens the front door and says, "Hey, you, get in here. Did you do this? Who's gonna pay for this?"
Well, it turns out that the newspaper dude is gonna pay for it, and not with his hard-earned tip money but with his hard cock.
"I think you need to take care of me since I couldn't take care of myself," Destiny says before getting down on her knees and sucking his cock.
Pussy fucking follows, of course, followed by a special treat: Destiny Anne takes the newspaper boy in her tight ass. And not just the tip. No. Tips are for a job well done.

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